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Michael Houghton video

Posted by karin.fodor on July 29, 2015
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Published on Apr 14, 2012

Dr. Michael Houghton , Hepatitis C virus finder, is interviewed by Humberto Silva. Dr. Houghton has recently announced a new vaccine for the disease.


CERC Chairs Video

Posted by karin.fodor on July 7, 2015
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At the recent CERC annual meeting, advantage was taken of the presence of the chairholders to create a short promotional video. The video is a sort of “talking heads” montage of all of the CERCs present at the meeting, and presents the program and its overall objectives. The video was “premiered” at the recent CERC announcement at UBC.

The password for the two videos is the same: iqc01

CERC Chairs (english)

CERC Chairs (french)