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Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology

Flow Cytometry

Cell Sorting Facility

Fluorescent-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) forms a central technique in immunology and other sub-fields of cell biology. It allows the researcher to count or sort individual cells based on the density of surface markers and a variety of other phenotypes. This way specific cellular subsets can be analyzed in complex populations.

LKS researchers have easy access to the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry’s flow cytometry facility, which is located just down the hall from the LKS laboratories. Six state-of-the-art instruments cover a wide range of wavelengths and applications.

All interested investigators should contact the Facility Manager, Dorothy Kratochwil-Otto at (780) 492-7780.


  • FACSAria
    Triple laser cell sorter, sorts to tubes, plates, or slides
  • FACSCanto II
    triple laser flow cytometer + 40-tube sample loader
  • FACSCalibur
    dual laser flow cytometer + 96/384-well plate sampler
  • FACScan
    488nm laser flow cytometer
  • FACScan BSL2
    Biosafety level 2 unit inside laminar flow hood
  • CytoFluor
    Quantifies fluorophores in 6 to 96-well plates